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GTA Vice City 

GTA Vice City 

  • Version: 1.09
  • File size: 7.3M
  • Requires: Android 7.0
  • Package Name: com.rockstargames.gtavc
  • Developer: Rockstar Games
  • Updated: 2019-02-06

It is not exactly new feat for Rockstar games to unveil a killer action game based on Crime noir theme. The GTA Vice City is another feather in its cap that carries forward the GTA legacy successfully. The immensely popular game is now available on almost all platforms including smartphone. 

The description of GTA Vice City 

The GTA lineup of games, released by Rockstar games proved to be very popular since the release of the first game. The GTA 3 was also a massive hit and Vice City is another hit contender. The popularity of GTA Vice city is still intact even though it was released much before arrival of smartphones. You can now play the game on many platforms including smartphones running Google’s very popular OS. It offers enough eye candy and engaging gameplay. 

The plot 

One of the main reasons for GTA Vice City proving to be so popular is its tightly woven plot. Of course, the visuals are impressive and you can’t help admire the realistically depicted urban landscape. The Vice City is much like Miami and the graphics look terrific from aerial view. You get aerial view when flying on a stolen chopper. The soundtrack as well as voice over is also mindblowing and adds to appeal of the game. The cars also look amazing and the variety is good. You can drive sedans and delivery vans.  

You have to play the flawed protagonist Tommy Vercetti. The crime gang leader is interesting and playing him othe screen is like being a live spectator inside a Hollywood flick. There are many missions and those involve chases with other criminal gangs and the cops are on the heels-most of the time. The game has typical dark humor infused and some adult overtones. There are some violent sections but it is not absolutely meaningless.  

 There is plenty of boat mission and you have got to be careful when boarding the boats at the docks. Tommy can’t swim and risk of drowning in the middle of game is there. You will also see plenty of cut scenes and this helps carry forward the story, much like Max Payne lineup. The Smartphone edition is almost same as PC version of Vice City. 

Installation and uninstallation 

You are not likely to face many hiccups in setting up GTA Vice City on a Smartphone or PC. The game is not very demanding in terms of hardware either. You will still need 1.5GB of disk space. The game can be downloaded from the Rockstar games website and it is also there in Google Play. Both installation and uninstallation are simple and you will not have to wait for long for the processes to be completed. As a matter of fact, to enjoy smooth gameplay with all effects set to high, a powerful device or PC is required.  

Summing it up 

GTA Vice City is one crime noir game that charms as much with its visuals and soundtracks as it does with the tightly woven plot. The variety of activities also keeps you hooked to the game for long.