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  • Version: 0.21
  • File size: Varies with device
  • Requires: Android Android, IOS
  • Package Name:
  • Developer: Epic Games
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Nowadays, the battle royale games have become quite popular and along with PUBG, Fortnite has also become pretty much in demand. It is now available on smartphones. It has a few glitches but that has not dented its popularity much. 

The description of Fortnite



There are many genres of games but battle royale is growing in popularity. Along with PUBG, Fortnite has become a sought after game. Now that it is available on smartphones- the fans are excited. However, the game does not offer the same experience on smartphones as it does on PC-yet. If you can look past those glitches, it is pretty enjoyable and you will stay hooked for long time. It does not require you to pay but optional merchandise is there.  

The plot 

Much like PUBG, the plot of Fortnite is simple. You have to engage in massive combat with lots of enemies and you have to finish them off one by one. At the beginning of the game, you get dropped off oan island and you may pick the dropping point. This is what happens to all others in the flying bus carrying you. After you are dropped on the island your quest for survival starts. You may play single or in small groups. This adds to flexibility of gameplay. Eventually, it is a multiplayer game and so enough actions and shootouts are involved. 

You will love the visuals and they are cartoonish in nature. You can start searching for weapons as you get only one basic weapon at the start. The game also has some creative exploration options. You may build a shelter before engaging in battle. This will help you survive better. You will need good observational power to outwit the opponents in the game. The soundtrack used is also pretty nice. 

You have the option to customize the character ingame with nice attires. The reality is, however, they do not come without paying. You can use virtual currency to buy such stuff. In fact, many veteran Fortnite gamers end up buying such stuff.  

What are the downers? 

The game is sleek and engaging but it is not without its dose of glitches. Do not try playing it on your regular cellular connection. A strong wifi network is a prerequisite to enjoy the game. The FPS capping is what many users feel irked about and that is only natural. The game may also drain the device battery fast.  

Installations and uninstallation 

Setting up Fortnite on a PC will not be that hard but setting it up on a smartphone is the opposite! If you use a nonSamsung device- the installation will not be straight forward. You will have to create an account with Epic Games and after that download and installation become available as options. 10 GB disk space is required on PC. Uninstalling it is also simple.  

Summing it up 

Fortnite will impress you as a quintessential battle royal class game but you will have to live with the inherent flaws. You will need a wellconfigured device and patience to enjoy it fully.